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Greg Caggiano is a 20 year old student of history and education at New Jersey City University, where he is studying to become a high school history teacher. When he is not busy coaching hockey, he serves as a Trustee for the Proprietary House Association, which oversees Royal Governor William Franklin’s 1762-erected mansion in Perth Amboy, and enjoys blogging on his website, “From New York to San Francisco”, which he used to cover the release and world premiere of the Gods and Generals Extended Director’s Cut from November 2010 through August 2011, the event that established his blog as one of the foremost places for Civil War movie news on the web. He lists his favorite hobbies as teaching, coaching, writing (about both sports and history), playing hockey and baseball, watching movies, and listening to music.

A Goodbye Message; Turning the Reins over to Steve

To all readers and those involved with this project, Sorry to break the silence on this blog with a farewell, but unfortunately, the time has come for me to move on from the To Appomattox Fan Blog. I have been … Continue reading

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Colorized Photo of Abraham Lincoln Breathes New Life Into History

The colorization of black-and-white imagery has developed a bad stigma over the years, because more often than not, it damages the integrity of the original product. At some point or another, we have all seen a film from the 1930′s … Continue reading

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Civil War Journal: The Human Element of War

Whenever we think about the American Civil War, perhaps we look back to the old, foggy black-and-white images and yellowed pages of history textbooks that we were forced to study in school, or even the idea of such that has … Continue reading

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An Interview with Actor Patrick Gorman (Gen. Charles F. Smith)

Over on my blog, I had the chance to interview, for the second time, actor Patrick Gorman, who is currently slated to portray Union General Charles F. Smith in To Appomattox. Our interview covered a wide variety of topics, so … Continue reading

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Producer Michael Beckner’s Ghostly Encounter With a Civil War Soldier

Over on my other blog, I am running a special column this October called “Haunted History”, where I am trying to get filmmakers and historians from around the country to send me any paranormal encounters they may have had on … Continue reading

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D.B Sweeney and the Challenging Role of George McClellan

“Tragicomic” was the word that historian James M. McPherson used to describe Union General George B. McClellan, when I interviewed him last year. After studying the Civil War, and Little Mac himself, for years, I am a hundred percent sure … Continue reading

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Five-Star Civil War Dining in Your Own Home

With hundreds of recipes on-line for the gourmet Civil War cuisine known as hardtack, I decided to go with the simplest one imaginable, since I’m more of a cook than a baker. With just four cups of flour, four teaspoons … Continue reading

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