“To Appomattox” Banner Design Contest!

Ladies and gentlemen, with today being the true launch day for this blog (previous interviews were posted earlier), we want to kick things off with a fan contest. We would like to have a banner on this site that is different from the one on the official site, and so, we are asking fans to design a banner for us, and post it on our Fan Site Facebook Page.  All entries must be submitted by October 1st, and the winning entry will be selected and used at the top of this blog. Dimensions should be 9 x 2 with the resolution set at 100. Not only will your work be featured to an audience of thousands, but the latest from Michael Beckner is that the winner will also receive a To Appomattox T-shirt!

Happy designing!

The To Appomattox Fan Blog Staff

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5 Responses to “To Appomattox” Banner Design Contest!

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  2. Jeremy Neufeld says:

    what should the dimensions of the banner be?

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  4. Anthony says:

    What is the status of the project?

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