How Well Do You Know the Battle of Gettysburg?

Here is something a little bit off-topic, but very addicting. Thanks to the website Sporcle, where people can go on and create trivia quizzes for people to answer, we now have one of the most intense Civil War guessing-games I have ever tried to play. How much do you think you know about the battle of Gettysburg? Well, this is your chance to try to name all 165 commanding officers present in the order of battle, from army command, right down through to corps, division, and brigade, and it includes cavalry and artillery too.

I thought I knew a thing or two about the battle, and I was right—as in, a thing or two out of 165! You think you know a lot, until the 15-minute timer starts ticking and you freeze. I was only able to guess 36 before I got halfway through and had to give up. Upon seeing the names I missed, I wanted to kick myself. Just don’t cheat, because that ruins the fun. Here is your chance to test your Gettysburg knowledge:

Click here.

When you are done, remember to post your score in the comment section below. Gloating, complaining, and face-palming are encouraged!

P.S: JD, I will expect nothing less than a hundred from you. I hope you had your coffee this morning!

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6 Responses to How Well Do You Know the Battle of Gettysburg?

  1. Jeremy Neufeld says:

    55 but i should not have done that well: when i guessed david gregg, it also gave me john gregg, richard garnett gave me john garnett, etc.

  2. shancock says:

    37 out of 165. I realize now how little I know in terms of officers in command. :/

  3. 92. If I could spell – especially Krcyzanowski or whatever – I’d have done higher πŸ™‚

  4. Andy Etman says:

    A little disappointed, bt I scored a 61 ot of 165…I have a lot more stdying to do…pls, my keyboard is messed p, and the 21st letter of the alphabet is broken, so I didn’t get credit for JEB Start, among others…

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