Banner Contest Update

Just a quick little post here on Sunday afternoon; hope everyone is having a good weekend (and staying safe on the east coast)! In case you have not yet seen the banner contest we have running here on the Ultimate Fan Blog for To Appomattox until October 1st, please click here to read the rules/prize info. We are actively looking for a new and unique banner for this blog, and we are happy to see two entries so far. The first one comes from Zachary Bane of Scottsburg, Indiana, while the second is from Jeremy Neufeld of Olney, Maryland:

Now everyone knows what they are up against. Good luck!

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2 Responses to Banner Contest Update

  1. Great banners. I’m always jealous of folks who can do design like that – I couldn’t design a stick figure even if someone showed me how πŸ™‚

  2. Looks like we’re gonna have some great ones to choose from. Hope we can narrow it down to just one. Keep sending them into us, everybody! God bless!

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