Fan Poll: Is the Confederate Flag Offensive?

Due to a recent law being passed in Lexington, Virginia, which bans the display of Confederate Flags on public property (private residences are unaffected), I wanted to get a look at how the fans of To Appomattox feel about the oft-controversial flag of the Confederacy. Please vote in the poll below, taking into account what region of the United States (or elsewhere in the world) you live in, before making your selection.

The poll will be active for one week, when the results will be announced. Feel free to leave additional comments below.

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6 Responses to Fan Poll: Is the Confederate Flag Offensive?

  1. Pat says:

    I don’t find the flag offensive unless the person displaying it has Nazi or White Pride tattoo’s or paraphernalia. It doesn’t represent hate, some use it to identify THEIR hate.

  2. It is because of racist organizations such as the Klan that have made this flag, a symbol of the men who fought for “home and hearth,” into a symbol of hatred and racism. I wonder how many of the people on the city government are actually transplanted Yankees (Sorry, Greg. :P)?

  3. Chris Smith says:

    As a history enthusiast it does not offend me, but at the same time, I understand how it offends people. For many it is a symbol of heritage, but it is still widely used as earlier stated, a symbol of white supremacy. In many cases the line between heritage and history, and racism is blurred. For those who use it to honor the poor farmers who fought the slaveholders war, I agree with the use. For those who use it as a means to intimidate and incite, I am glad for this decision.

  4. Mike Pine says:

    No, as a die hard Yankee, blue belly, what ever, I am not offended by the Honorable flag of the Confederacy. ” Advance the Flag of Dixie”.

  5. Chris says:

    This Hispanic is not offended by this beloved banner of the South!! There were many Hispanics who fought bravely for this flag- Col. Santos Benavides was the highest ranking Hispanic to serve the Confederacy– Lt. Joseph De La Garza gave his life for this banner– many brave soldiers fought, suffered, & died under this flag, and it’s ashamed that we have to take a “poll” to see if this flag “offends” people……just a reminder–not a single Confederate flag flew over a slave ship–the American & british flags did……..

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