Casting Update (9/27/2011)

Here is some of the latest news regarding casting for To Appomattox, according to the official website for the series.

  • Rob Lowe, best known for his role as Sam Seaborn on “The West Wing,” and as Billy Hicks in St. Elmo’s Fire, has replaced Paul Giamatti as General James “Pete” Longstreet in the series. He now joins the film’s main quartet of characters that will feature prominently in To Appomattox.

    Rob Lowe as General James Longstreet

  • Emmy Award-winning actress Kim Delaney, known primarily for the shows “NYPD Blue” and “Army Wives,” will portray Mary Todd Lincoln, wife of Union President Abraham Lincoln, in the series.

    Kim Delaney as Mary Todd Loncoln

  • Speaking of presidential wives, country music artist Sara Evans has been cast as Varina Davis, wife of Confederate President Jefferson Davis. She joins fellow country artists such as Kix Brooks, Laura Bell Bundy, Trace Adkins and Dwight Yoakam. She will also contribute an original song to the soundtrack being produced by Rascal Flatts.

    Sara Evans as Varina Davis

  • William Zabka, best known as Johnny Lawrence, one of the Cobras, in the first two Karate Kid movies, and an Oscar-nominated writer and producer, has been cast as Charles Dana, a journalist and friend of Ulysses S. Grant, for the program.

    William Zabka as Charles Dana

About Steven Hancock

I am an avid student of American and World History, with a particular interest in the American Civil War. I am currently a student at American Public University, working toward a Master's Degree in United States History. I am also a Civil War Reenactor, donning the uniform of the common Union and Confederate soldier at reenactments throughout the year.
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3 Responses to Casting Update (9/27/2011)

  1. G M says:

    Always told Paul too short etc to properly portray the Old War Horse. Rob should be a better fit for the production…. now if the producers and directors would only read the actual accounts… they already got the surrender meeting at ACH wrong!

    • I’m more than convinced that the surrender meeting at Appomattox will be portrayed accurately, based on Grant’s memoirs, and other accounts of the meeting. Haven’t really seen a lot of Rob Lowe’s work, but look forward to his portrayal of Old, Gloomy Pete.

  2. That picture of the surrender meeting on the Facebook page is NOT by the series production. That was posted by a group of living historians who were nice enough to submit the image of them and place it on the page.

    Trust me, I know very well how the surrender ceremony should be properly portrayed. It would save you a bit of time by looking closer at what you’re commenting on, GM.

    J. David Petruzzi
    Historical Advisor, To Appomattox TV series

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