2012: A Look Ahead

A new year is upon us. For many, 2012 is seen as the final year of the Mayan Calendar, with some predicting the end of all things. But for those of us who are sane, and interested in things other than whether or not the end is near, 2012 will be a banner year in terms of Civil War history and film. 2012 marks the 150th Anniversary of the events in 1862. Big events planned for the year include reenactments of the battles of Shiloh, McDowell, South Mountain/Antietam, and Perryville. Other events will commemorate battles such Malvern Hill and Second Manassas. This also marks the 150th Anniversary of Lincoln’s announcement of the Emancipation Proclamation, the document that added the end of slavery to the list of war aims.

Film wise, this is the year the war will return to the screen. Spielberg’s Lincoln film, focusing on the creation of the Thirteenth Amendment in the final months of the war, will be released in December. Before that, the highly-unanticipated Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter will be released in June. But for all of us here, this is the year that production will commence on “To Appomattox.” With the majority of the major characters already cast, and pre-production set to commence in the near future, this is the one that promises to be the definitive Civil War-era project to be released during the Sesquicentennial period.

Since our launch in August, our blog has been the go-to place for series information, and interviews with members of the crew and historical advisers. We have also examined some of the major characters, and began to examine the battles, that will be featured in the series. The response we have received has been great, and it has truly been an honor to be a part of this project.

With 2012, we will continue to do what we do best: offer insight into the people, places and events of the American Civil War that will be depicted in “To Appomattox,” and present any important and breaking news that comes out. We look forward to continuing our work on the blog, as we move closer to the beginning of production on the series.

About Steven Hancock

I am an avid student of American and World History, with a particular interest in the American Civil War. I am currently a student at American Public University, working toward a Master's Degree in United States History. I am also a Civil War Reenactor, donning the uniform of the common Union and Confederate soldier at reenactments throughout the year.
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2 Responses to 2012: A Look Ahead

  1. William "Bushrod" Moss says:

    Steven: Thanks for the post. I too anticipate that this year will see a resurrection of the Civil War as Hollywood’s “go to” genre. “To Appomattox” will be the definitive saga of that period of blood and fire in which our nation was forged into a stronger, more viable Union of States. It will be an honor to be involved in the production of this landmark film.

  2. Cannot wait to see Spielberg’s film (and DDL looks like Lincoln without make up…should be amazing with some attention!)! I’m hoping it’s also the year I sell my Civil War screenplay (based on a true story). Getting some nice feedback and six read requests to date.

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