UPDATED: Casting Update (1/27/12)

Some of the latest casting updates, according to the official website. Some are changes within the current cast, while the other is a new addition.

First, the casting changes:

  • Rob Lowe, who was originally cast as James Longstreet, is now slated to play Ulysses S. Grant.

Rob Lowe as Ulysses S. Grant

  • Jeff Hammond, originally cast as George Thomas, is now set to play Confederate General Jubal Early.

    Jeff Hammond as Jubal Early.

And now, the latest addition to the cast:

  • Academy Award-winning actor Richard Dreyfuss, star of such classic films as Jaws, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, The Goodbye Girl and Mr. Holland’s Opus, has joined the cast as Union General George Thomas.

    Richard Dreyfuss as George Thomas.

These are the latest casting updates for now. As soon as word becomes official on other news and casting, it will be posted here.

UPDATE (2/1/12):

Another casting change has been announced:

  • D.B. Sweeney, originally cast as George B. McClellan, has agreed to take on the role of General James Longstreet.

    D.B. Sweeney as General James Longstreet


About Steven Hancock

I am an avid student of American and World History, with a particular interest in the American Civil War. I am currently a student at American Public University, working toward a Master's Degree in United States History. I am also a Civil War Reenactor, donning the uniform of the common Union and Confederate soldier at reenactments throughout the year.
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29 Responses to UPDATED: Casting Update (1/27/12)

  1. Gettysbuff says:

    No way, Lowe as Grant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????? When i first heard the news that he would be Longstreet i thought “oh no”, but now i’m lost for words. What’s wrong with Michael C. Hall? He was a much better choice (and i could actually picture him as Grant). Did he drop out or is he gonna be someone else?

    • I imagine Mr. Hall had to bow out due to scheduling conflicts or something that always happens with big productions such as this. But Lowe will probably be able to pull it off. While I didn’t see it, others connected to the project said his performance as Drew Petersen in a recent television film was genuinely terrifying. So, he has the acting chops, and I have no doubt he will deliver a memorable performance. God bless!

      • Gettysbuff says:

        I admire your optimism, and i hope you’re right! I guess we’ll have to wait and see. I still prefer the ‘idea’ of Hall as Grant though.

        I looked up that tv movie you mentioned and have set a reminder for when it’s next on to see what’s he’s like – so thanks for that!

  2. I can totally see Lowe doing a young Grant (remember he was not a very big guy and didn’t get fat until well into his second his presidency). This should spice up the portrayal nicely. Dreyfuss…will be great even if he played a swaying palm tree. Just watched Jaws again the other night. When Hooper crushes his cup…priceless.

    • His talent as an actor, his passion for history and civics…Mr. Dreyfuss may be the greatest casting coup the producers have scored. Makes waiting for the series to air even harder, but will definitely make it worth it in the end. God bless!

      • You may be right. A real trophy to land him and gives instant credibility. I’d love to volunteer somehow to be a part of it (as I’m sure most would). I’m a writer, but would be happy to lug water on a battlefield. Any idea how folks can get involved?

  3. Hi guys,
    Correct – Michael C. Hall, as much as he dearly wanted to be Grant, had a scheduling conflict this summer with his successful Showtime series “Dexter.” MFB and Hall are very close friends, and I know the two of them wish it had worked out. Rob Lowe definitely has the range, ability and talent to be Grant – and Lowe is extremely excited and passionate about this production. He’s going to be a fabulous Grant. Lowe loves the script and even with all he has done and accomplished since his first work as a youngster, he says that “To Appomattox” is the best thing he’s ever been involved in.

    • Gettysbuff says:

      I still ain’t holding my breath, sorry. No one will truly know how good he will be until we see him though – will we? I wish him the best of luck. If he’s good i’ll be the FIRST to sing his praises right here i can promise you that. Until then…

  4. Such is true with any actor or actress. It is a skill that very few of us possess, but I believe that Lowe – who looks a lot like Grant – has got it for this role.

  5. So…is there a way to help and be involved in it? Be a nice way to show our appreciation for the effort, then and now.

  6. Gettysbuff says:

    Hey, why was my comment deleted? I didn’t say anything bad.

    • Gettysbuff says:

      I’m not gonna type everything i said again as a) i can’t remember all of it, and b) i’m scared of it not getting approval again! Basically it revolved around the fact that i think Lowe looks nothing like Grant and Robin Williams does. Google it. (please don’t delete me, webmasser!)

  7. Ha, I always thought Mork did look a lot like him.

    Phil, to get involved, watch the Facebook page. That’s where announcements will come from (as well as the CA office).


  8. Gettysbuff says:

    Thanks guys. See, i don’t ALWAYS talk sh*t. πŸ˜‰

    • Gettysbuff says:

      Oh and by the way, IMDB has episode names and synopsises for the series. Couldn’t this information be made available on the blog or official site so more people get to see it? I only stumbled across it on IMDB by chance, but i’m very glad i did! I’m even more excited for it now! The episode titles and synopsises are very tantalizing!! Can’t wait for Episode 5!!!!!!

      • The page on the IMDb website is not officially supported by the production team. Some of the info is accurate, but none of it is “official.”

      • Gettysbuff says:

        OK thanks for clearing that up!

        By the way (and i’m sure somebody has quipped this before) have you ever thought of changing your name to Winfield and then you would be Winfield
        S Hancock? haha.

  9. Brian Mallon would make a great little Mac!

    (Hancock in Gettysburg and Gods & Generals)

    • Gettysbuff says:

      I have no idea what you’re talking about, but i could eat a big Mac.

      • Really? McClellan was known as “Little Mac” because he was short…in many regards, but ego wasn’t on the list.

      • Gettysbuff says:

        Ok, haha. I figured that’s who you meant, but i wasn’t sure (duh!) >:X :-X :X :-# :# :$ …I never did order that Big Mac though, i guess it’s probably for the best as they’re not really that good for you.

        Anyway moving on (and funnily enough back to the subject of casting/General Grant), has anyone see the cast for Spielberg’s “Lincoln”? British actor Jared Harris is playing Grant (he was last seen as Professor Moriarty in the Sherlock Holmes 2 movie). Any thoughts?

    • Howard G. Brown says:

      Hancock was over six feet tall; seeing Brian Mallon play him was something of a shock., but I got over it. GETTYSBURG had a bad mix of real and fake beards, and that I found disturbing, I suppose many of the actors simply did not have the time before shooting to grow a beard. I hope this time the beards are the real thing — a tough job for the actor playing Longstreet!

  10. I almost never comment, however i did some searching and wound up here UPDATED:
    Casting Update (1/27/12) | To Appomattox. And I actually do have a few questions for you if you don’t mind. Could it be just me or does it seem like a few of the responses look like written by brain dead visitors? πŸ˜› And, if you are posting at other social sites, I’d
    like to keep up with anything fresh you have to post. Would you make a list of all of all your community pages like
    your twitter feed, Facebook page or linkedin profile?

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