A Goodbye Message; Turning the Reins over to Steve

To all readers and those involved with this project,

Sorry to break the silence on this blog with a farewell, but unfortunately, the time has come for me to move on from the To Appomattox Fan Blog. I have been so busy with student and substitute teaching, coaching, working on my own blog, and trying to help with other projects in the past few months; hence my inactivity on this blog, and with more college classes coming up in the fall, my free time will grow even shorter. I would like to thank Steven Hancock for being a great co-writer, as well as executive producer Michael Beckner for giving me the opportunity to write here. I still have the utmost enthusiasm for the project, and cannot wait to see it on television.  So, in essence, I am turning over the full reins to Steven, who I know will continue to do a fantastic job as always. Thanks for all the reads and enlivening comments. Hopefully I will be able to contribute some articles in the future, but for now, aur revoir!

Take care everyone,

Greg Caggiano

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3 Responses to A Goodbye Message; Turning the Reins over to Steve

  1. You will definitely be missed here, my friend. Godspeed you on your future endeavors!

  2. Gettysbuff says:

    Aww, can you feel the love on here!

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