This evening it was announced on the official website that the Civil War miniseries previously titled To Appomattox has been given a new title: Grant vs. Lee. This title change was agreed upon by writer/executive producer Michael Beckner, the studio, and the networks. This is the first of several announcements that are expected over the next several weeks in regards to the series. There is word that a new studio partner will be announced shortly. Stay tuned here for more updates!

Although we will keep the “To Appomattox” blog name for a while, we will be changing over completely to the new name within the next month. So, make sure you bookmark us to remember who we are!

For more information on Grant vs. Lee, visit the Official Website, the official and fan site pages on Facebook, and the IMDb page for further news and updates.

About Steven Hancock

I am an avid student of American and World History, with a particular interest in the American Civil War. I am currently a student at American Public University, working toward a Master's Degree in United States History. I am also a Civil War Reenactor, donning the uniform of the common Union and Confederate soldier at reenactments throughout the year.
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  1. Gettysbuff says:

    I HATE it!!!! “To Appomattox” was a much better and more fitting name. Grant vs Lee is unoriginal, uninspired, and sounds cheesy like Alien vs Predator. LOL. Not to mention the fact that the title is misleading, because Grant wasn’t the only foe for Lee. For instance, at Gettysburg it was Meade vs Lee. Not impressed.

    • Thanks for providing us with your usual tear down of things, Gettysbuff.

      • Gettysbuff says:

        Don’t exaggerate please, Steven. Since when do i “tear things down”? I’m not the one who disliked the History Channel’s “Gettysburg” am i now? Eh? I am only stating my opinion. I am sure there are others that will dislike the name change too. Just because you are associated with this production in some way it doesn’t mean that you have to be completely and shamelessly biased you know. Just be honest, the name isn’t the greatest. Don’t pick on me because i have an opinion and i am outspoken. I haven’t said anything bad, i think the name is terrible and i am entitled to say that without your snidey and slanderous comments.

  2. Gettysbuff says:

    Update: Check out “To Appomattox” on Facebook. Seems like i’m not the only one who dislikes the name change….So i’m not that evil of a person after all, am i?

  3. George Sleasman says:

    Dear Steve , I must admit I like the first title TO APPOMATTOX better. There is so many more individuals involved . Lee was at the top most of the war, Grant did his business in the west winning some losing some early, Vicksburg was a hug deal, he was a big part toward Lithe end. I think it should be called FROM LIBERTY TO UNITY.

  4. I agree with the critics….it’s a lazy and misleading title. As long as a title change is in the wind, MY SUGGESTION IS: **** “AMERICA’S MOST CIVIL WAR” **** (with “most” italicized)

  5. Here is something to think about regarding the new title of the series. For Grant, he seemed to be facing off against Lee from almost the beginning of his military career. During his time in West Point, the cadets were reminded of Lee’s achievements during his time at the Point, and Grant and the others were told they should strive toward what Lee did. Of course, Grant struggled at the point.

    During the Civil War, all the events that Lee and Grant, in the east and west, take part in are building up toward the ultimate confrontation between these two behemoths of American history in 1864-65. The lives of all the characters involved in this series are either directly or indirectly affected by the actions of these two men. Hence why the title “Grant vs. Lee” is a good one for this miniseries.

    • Gettysbuff says:

      Yes Steven, but this is a show about the Civil War and all of its many characters and events. It is not about the career-rivalry of these 2 men which you make it sound like it is. I think that’s just your ‘spin’ on things as you’re still blinded by bias. Grant vs Lee is not a good name and right at this moment you’re the only person that has convinced themselves that it is. Personally i can’t wait for Grant vs Lee: Requiem. LOL.

      • I never said it was about the rivalry between the two men, except when it comes to the 1864-65 campaign. There is no denying these two men affected the lives, both directly and indirectly, during the conflict than any other person, and every decision, failure and success led to the ultimate showdown in Virginia between the two.

        Remember, Grant is the main character in the series. His memoir provides the basis for half of the eight-hour program. The other half covers the events in the eastern theater prior to Grant coming east, and show how Lee came to power. There are a lot of other characters in the series, but they are all affected, directly and indirectly, by Lee and Grant, and the events that transpire under their command.

        None of this is “spin” on my part.

      • Gettysbuff says:

        Ok fair enough. I’ll leave you alone now 😉

  6. Frank says:

    I think I’ll wait until I actually see the final product before I voice my opinion on the series title. Until then, I’ll leave it up to those who get paid to make these type of decisions. To be honest and after reading Mr. Hancock’s last reply pertaining to this topic, I have faith in those in charge.

    Good luck to all involved with the project. I’m very excited for it’s release.

  7. Michael Frost Beckner says:

    Hey guys, Beckner here. The whole concept of this series began (12 years ago) as a two character play centered on the four meetings between Grant and Lee over the course of their lifetime. The entire dramatic and thematic thrust of this rendering of the history is the events that shape, and choices that make: the lives of these two American heroes that are set into motion (yes, Steve is correct, Lee is a name/model hammered into Grant and his classmates at West Point), from their first meeting in Mexico to their two meetings at Appomattox and their final meeting at Grant’s White House. Believe me, since I wrote it and am making it, that the overarching theme is GRANT AND LEE (the “versus” thing is what I hate the most about this).

    The studio execs and network execs all independently came up with the GvL title, so clearly, that is what you come away with from these scripts. But here’s how it works: right now they have to pre-sell the series. They need traction and they know how to get that traction. They pin this title to it and (this’ll freak you out, but it’s how it works), buyers DON’T HAVE TO READ THE SCRIPTS–they can get the whole thing from the title and a couple paragraphs. That gets me my greenlight. From there my director and I start delivering great material…we edge up on the power scale; they begin to have visual content they can sell and become willing to let the production speak for itself. Then we pounce. 😉

    My wife has always liked my original title MALICE TOWARD NONE; we’ve had the suggestion THIS GREAT CIVIL WAR. Cool titles, both, but neither actually speak to the theme and thrust of this series. The studio suggested BAND OF GENERALS which is almost as accurate as GRANT v LEE (sounds like a Supreme Court case, haha), but I was FORTUNATELY easily able to torpedo that. (Now that’s pandering, huh?)

    What the Grant/Lee thing does for the title and did for my mammoth task of writing a true and broad-sweeping Civil War history, fashioned to a specific point, was allow me to leave out historical figures and engagements that were “off-topic.” Three of my favorite generals: Forrest, Sickles and Cleburne do not appear in this series. My two favorite battles of all: Mobile Bay and Franklin are absent. These are because they do not have primary Grant vs. Lee connective tissue.

    TO APPOMATTOX is the perfect title. We already have our concept for the VFX company’s work-up on the title animation: it is (like all title sequences) background shots from the whole series beneath Grant’s hand writing out that fateful two word order: “TO APPOMATTOX.” I chose that title because it is to Appomattox that these two men led our country and “from” Appomattox that they gave us the nation we have become.

    Hope this clarifies more than confuses.

    As ever,

  8. John Michael Priest says:

    Michael, thank you for the explanation of the title change. The script is superb, and flowing, like an intricate tapestry. Poetry in prose.

    As I write this, I recalled Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. when he penned: “We have shared the incommunicable experience of war. We felt, we still feel, the passion of life to its top. In our youths, our hearts were touched by fire.” Grant’s and Lee’s hearts were touched by fire.
    Mike Priest

  9. Stephanie Nagel says:

    Have you started to film the miniseries yet?
    I am an American History Teacher and I am looking forward to the series.

  10. Preferivo il titolo To Appomattox rispetto a quello di Grant vs Lee.

  11. Glenda says:

    I am looking forward to the miniseries. Any ideas when it might air?

  12. Daithi Coda says:

    Whatever the title I wish you all the best of Irish luck. I’ve been following the development of the series for quite a while now and I’m very much looking forward to seeing the results. If you should need any Irish Brigade extras just say the word.

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