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A Goodbye Message; Turning the Reins over to Steve

To all readers and those involved with this project, Sorry to break the silence on this blog with a farewell, but unfortunately, the time has come for me to move on from the To Appomattox Fan Blog. I have been … Continue reading

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Colorized Photo of Abraham Lincoln Breathes New Life Into History

The colorization of black-and-white imagery has developed a bad stigma over the years, because more often than not, it damages the integrity of the original product. At some point or another, we have all seen a film from the 1930′s … Continue reading

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Civil War Journal: The Human Element of War

Whenever we think about the American Civil War, perhaps we look back to the old, foggy black-and-white images and yellowed pages of history textbooks that we were forced to study in school, or even the idea of such that has … Continue reading

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An Interview with Actor Patrick Gorman (Gen. Charles F. Smith)

Over on my blog, I had the chance to interview, for the second time, actor Patrick Gorman, who is currently slated to portray Union General Charles F. Smith in To Appomattox. Our interview covered a wide variety of topics, so … Continue reading

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Producer Michael Beckner’s Ghostly Encounter With a Civil War Soldier

Over on my other blog, I am running a special column this October called “Haunted History”, where I am trying to get filmmakers and historians from around the country to send me any paranormal encounters they may have had on … Continue reading

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D.B Sweeney and the Challenging Role of George McClellan

“Tragicomic” was the word that historian James M. McPherson used to describe Union General George B. McClellan, when I interviewed him last year. After studying the Civil War, and Little Mac himself, for years, I am a hundred percent sure … Continue reading

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Five-Star Civil War Dining in Your Own Home

With hundreds of recipes on-line for the gourmet Civil War cuisine known as hardtack, I decided to go with the simplest one imaginable, since I’m more of a cook than a baker. With just four cups of flour, four teaspoons … Continue reading

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