Series Information

Last Updated: 04/22 @ 11:40 AM EST

Series Info

  • Network: [TBA]
  • Director: Mikael Salomon
  • Screenwriter: Michael Beckner
  • Executive Producers: Michael Beckner, Thomas Augsberger, Mikael Salomon
  • Executive Music Producer and Composer: Jay DeMarcus
  • Music: Rascal Flatts
  • Official Website

Cast (Subject to Official Confirmation)

    • Ulysses S. Grant: Jason O’Mara
    • William T. Sherman: Damian Lewis
    • James Longstreet: D.B. Sweeney
    • George Pickett: Noah Wyle
    • John Brown: Stephen Lang
    • Ellen McClellan: Kim Delaney
    • John Gregg: Trace Adkins
    • Rufus Ingalis: Matt Rogers
    • George Meade: Dwight Yoakam
    • Abby Dunlap: Laura Bell Bundy
    • Nathan Wexler: Richard Speight Jr.
    • Sallie Pickett: Paige Turco
    • Albert Sidney Johnston: Powers Boothe
    • Richard Ewell: Walton Goggins
    • Winfield Scott Hancock: Kix Brooks
    • Ambrose Burnside: John Scurti
    • Joseph Hooker: Neal McDonough
    • Henry Halleck: Kevin Farley
    • Joseph E. Johnston: Nick Searcy
    • Simon Bolivar Buckner: Jonathon Scheach
    • Julia Grant: Helen McCrory
    • Charles F. Smith: Patrick Gorman
    • John B. Gordon: Carl Edwards
    • Jubal Early: Jeff Hammond
    • Sergeant Combs: Gary LeVox
    • Captain Goree: Joe Don Rooney
    • Jesse Dunlap: Jay DeMarcus
    • Mary Todd Lincoln: Kim Delaney
    • Varina Davis: Sara Evans
    • Rawlins: William Zabka

28 Responses to Series Information

  1. “Other Names Mentioned”?? Perhaps a fourth member of the “Gettysburg” cast — Martin Sheen? He sure looks like Walt Whitman!!

    • GCaggiano says:

      The “Other Names Mentioned” are actors/actresses that are being looked at as possibilities for parts but have NOT been confirmed for a part. Sheen as Whitman would be very interesting!

  2. Jeff Daniels: Mark Twain
    No he is Chamberlin! He makes that Gen Chamberlin come to life. And Chamberlin showed the South respect at the end and that story should be told.

    • Chamberlain is not a big character in this compared to the two Maxwell films. Having Daniels play the same part would not distinguish TO APPOMATTOX from those other movies, and there needs to be a distinction between the two. I agree, it will be tough seeing Daniels in a role other than Chamberlain (personally, I can’t see him as Twain) but I have no doubt the producers will make the right decisions.

      Who I CAN see as Twain? Malcolm McDowell or David Warner, I think, would be perfect.

    • Tom Hercel says:

      If Mark Twain is part of the movie….Dennis Quad would be my choice

  3. Noma says:

    Two giant holes here: Who will play General Phillip Sheridan? Who will play Colonel Ely S. Parker, from Grant’s personal staff — the man who actually sat there and wrote out the final copy of the terms of Surrender – and a Seneca Sachem, to boot!

    Someone had better read the surrender scene in Horace Porter, “Campaigning with Grant” if you want to get all the crucial characters and dialogue in *accurate* detail.

    You should probably include all the characters in Tom Lovell’s painting of the Surrender at Appomattox. Note: Lee sits at the large square marble table; Grant sits at the smaller table. This detail is often mixed up; here it is depicted accurately:

    No tableaux of the surrender scene is complete without Ely Porter’s dark Native American features. Any Civil War history buff would object instantly. Without Porter, how can you include the famous exchange between Lee and Porter:

    Lee: I’m glad to see one American here at least.

    Porter: We are all Americans, now.

    The other reason that Sheridan must be included in the cast is to include Grant’s astounding 30 mile ride through enemy pickets to meet Sheridan on the eve of the surrender. (See Hamlin Garland: Ulysses S. Grant, His Life and Character).

  4. Very glad Parker will be included….

    I hope Joshua Chamberlain will be included in the surrender scene too!! His order having the union troops salute Lee is a genuine “moment” in the character of the war. [I’m not sure of the exact setup for this, but it’s a fairly well known aspect of the surrender.]

  5. tom hercel says:

    Dennis Quad should be considered for Mark Twain – no disrespect to whoever may already be cast in that role.

  6. David J. Flickinger says:

    I would like to sign up as an extra for this film ! I got an email but can find no way to sign up . I’m a reenacter and have done several films .

  7. As Noma said, read Porter’s Campaigning With Grant. Porter was the only eyewitness that wrote a discription of the surrender and was the only one moving about during the writing of the terms, passing the paper from Grant to Lee and supplying Lee with a pencil.

  8. I’m reenactor (26th Georgia, Georgia Volunteer Battalion) Sargent in the Color Guard. I also interpret the fireeater secessionist Edmund Ruffin. If you need anyone to represent the feelings of
    Southern aristocracy, Ruffin is your man.

  9. David J. Flickinger says:

    We are still eagerly awaiting more news about hiring reenacters as extras for the filming !

  10. Daisy says:

    your blog article is very interesting and fantastic, at the same time the blog theme is unique and perfect, great job. to your success.

  11. Tom Schobert says:

    Ely Parker’s direct descendent, Mr. Al Parker of Bufalo NY (where Gen Parker is buried, by the way), is a reenactor and portrays his famous ancestor. He would certainly bring both an accurate and historic element to the surrender scene.

  12. Glenda says:

    Looking forward to seeing this mini series and Kim Delaney as Mary Todd Lincoln. Love watching her on Army Wives and think she will be great in this role.

  13. Glenda says:

    Does anyone know when this will air? Would love to be an extra in this film.

  14. Mike Werries says:

    George Custer should be included in casting- If I remember correctly from some of my history books he had his regimental band play “Dixie” as a salute to the Confederate troops. I took pictures and videos at the 1999 Grant Vs. Lee reenactments and remember one of the parking areas being the site of the battle of Brandy Station. I’ll be looking forward to seeing the film.

  15. Doug Pauley says:

    Having been a reenactor for many years, I have participated in four other CW movies along with other student films, a commercial, and a music video. I’m dying to be an extra again. Have they started filming yet, and if not then where and when. I am not shy as to where the filming will be done, as it’s great to be a part of the adventure.

  16. Mimi says:

    Is there any news on this movie? Sounds interesting! Thanks

  17. David J. Flickinger says:

    Please let me know if and when re-enactorers will be hired . I have experience doing movies !

  18. Jon says:

    Hopefully they do a better job than Maxwell! Couldn’t stand another historical flop such as his films. Hopefully they keep to quality reenactors and pay attention to the small details. One thing that bugged me about Maxwell, among numerous other things, is he didn’t research the details. Like what Hancock was wearing the day of Picketts charge, its not hard to find if you dig.

  19. Neil Hockaday says:

    I find it very hard to understand how Gen. A.P. Hill can be left out of this series. Hill played such a vital role in the entire civil war and especially the last half. I wish someone could let me know how and why he was left out.

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